Seychelles Legalization Expedited Service

Seychelles Document Legalization

Seychelles is a participating Hague Convention member country. The legalization of documents for Seychelles varies depending on the type of document.

Private documents or documents that were drawn up by an individual or company require notarizations.
Example: Power of Attorney, Business Agreement, Affidavit

Vital Records are to be certified by the local government agency (Health Department, County Clerk, etc) and later certified by your Secretary of State
Example: Birth Certificate, Divorce Decree

Documents issued by your state’s Business Division are to be certified or attested by your Secretary of State.
Example: Certificate of Good Standing, Certified Articles of Incorporation

Federal issued documents for use in Seychelles goes straight to the US Department of State Office of Authentications.
Example: FBI, FDA, USPTO.

Personal document

Personal Document Legalization For Seychelles

All Personal Documents MUST be Certified from the Secretary of the State in Which They Originated

Notarized business document

Notarized Business Document Legalization for Seychelles

Certified business documents by the State

Certified Business Document Legalization for Seychelles

Original document issued by a Federal Entity

Federal Document Legalization For Seychelles