FBI Background Records

FAQs , 2020-04-21

FBI backgrounds records are used to assess and report the criminal record of  an individual. They are often required for employment, security clearances, adoption, immigration and many other purposes.

Driver’s License

FAQs , 2020-04-21

A driver's licenses is an official document that permits an individual to operate a motorized vehicle. They are often used as a form of official identification and verification of  an individual's residential address.

What If the destination country is not a member of Hague Convention?

FAQs , 2020-04-13

OK, you have found out that the destination is NOT an apostille country, what to do now? You need is Consular/Embassy legalization of documents is required for documents that will be used in countries that are not part of the Hague Convention.  The process is similar to getting an apostille except that there is are 2 extra steps ate the Department of State and the Embassy or Consulate.

Is it possible to get an ​apostille verification?

FAQs , 2020-04-13

Yes, some states have a verification link: Colorado: https://www.sos.state.co.us/auth/VerifyApostilleSearch.do New York: ​https:/appext20.dos.ny.gov/apostille_verify_public/ApostilleVerify.aspx Tennessee: ​https://tnbear.tn.gov/apostille/verify.aspx Washington: ​https://www.sos.wa.gov/corps/apostilles/search.aspx

What countries are members of the Hague convention?

FAQs , 2020-04-13

​Apostille for Albania Apostille for Croatia Apostille for Japan Apostille for Portugal Apostille for Andorra Apostille for Cyprus Apostille for Kazakhstan ​Apostille for Romania Apostille for Argentina Apostille for Czech Republic Apostille for Latvia Apostille for Russian FederationApostille for Serbia Apostille for Armenia Apostille for Denmark Apostille for Liechtenstein Apostille for Slovakia Apostille for Australia Apostille for Dominican Republic Ap……

Member countries of the Hague convention

FAQs , 2017-11-25

If the country where you intend to use your documents IS on this list you will need an apostille. Albania, Andorra, Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bahamas, Bahrain, Barbados, Belarus, Belgium, Belize, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Botswana, Brazil, Brunei, Bulgaria, Cape Verde, Chile, China, People's Republic of, Colombia, Cook Islands, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Estonia, Fiji, F……

Apostille basics: What is an Apostille? and why I need one?

FAQs , 2017-11-24

Any document issued in the USA must be apostilled or legalized when it is going to be used in a foreign country. It is important to know where the document will be ultimately used. There are two different authentications that are issued by the Secretary of State the document could be certified or apostilled. The United States of America is a member country of the Hague Convention “Abolishing the Requirement of Consular Legalization for Foreign Public Documents of 1961” Under this Convention……