State of Texas Apostille Sample, Texas Apostille Service

State of Texas Apostille Sample

Information on state government Hague authentication

  1. Issuing Authority: This document is issued by the Secretary of State of Texas, namely, Jane Nelson.
  2. Verification of Authority: The document confirms that Jane Nelson is the legally appointed and qualified Secretary of State of Texas. As such, she is responsible for maintaining the state’s laws and registering its public officers.
  3. Certification of Individual: The document certifies that, based on the state’s records, Teneshia Hudspeth holds the position of County Clerk for Harris County, Texas.
  4. Purpose: This certification confirms that Teneshia Hudspeth is authorized to act as County Clerk for Harris County and is entitled to certify documents within that capacity.
  5. Issue Date & Certificate Number: The document was issued on September 22, 2023.

The certification serves as an official confirmation that Teneshia Hudspeth is recognized by the State of Texas as the County Clerk for Harris County. This attests to her authority to certify documents within her jurisdiction. Such certifications are often used to verify the authenticity and legitimacy of documents and the officials who sign them, ensuring that procedures and actions taken by the said official are recognized and valid.