State of Alabama, Alabama Apostille Service

An Apostille is issued in accordance with the Hague Convention of October 5, 1961, to verify that a public document issued in one country is valid in another contracting country. Specifically, this Apostille is from the state of Alabama and is intended to authenticate the signature of a public official, without verifying the contents of the attached document.

Information on state government Hague authentication

1.Source Country: United States of America.2.Signed by a certain public official.
3.The official’s title or capacity.
4.Imprinted with a specific seal or stamp.
5.Authenticated in Montgomery, Alabama.
6.Date of authentication is a specific day in 2017.
7.Signed by a particular officer.
9.Official seal or stamp.
10.Signature of John H. Merrill.
11.Application Procedure:
12.To obtain an Apostille in the state of Alabama, the following steps are typically followed

Prepare your documents: Ensure that your documents are public and in the required format, such as a birth certificate, marriage certificate, degree certificate, etc.
Complete the application: You may need to fill out an application form, providing detailed information about the document and the applicant.
Payment: There may be a fee involved, and the amount and payment method can vary based on the type and quantity of documents.
Submission: Submit the documents and any other required materials to the official department in Alabama responsible for issuing Apostilles.
Wait: Once all required materials and payments are submitted, there is usually a processing time. After this period, you will receive the document with the Apostille.
Pick up or receive by mail: Once the Apostille process is complete, you can choose to pick up the document in person or have it sent by mail.