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State of Montana Apostille Service

Montana Secretary of State
1236 6th Avenue
Helena, MT 59601
Phone (406) 444-1877

Price: $10 per apostille, payable to the ” Montana Secretary of State”
Processing time: Same-day counter service or 3-5 days for mailed orders.
Email: [email protected]


By Mail:
Montana Secretary of State
Notary and Certification Services
PO Box 202801
Helena, MT 59620
Phone (406) 444-5379

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To obtain an apostille form the office of Linda McCulloch, Montana Secretary of State in Helena follow the guidelines:

Guidelines for vital records such as marriage, birth and death certificates: must be original, issued within the last 5 years and signed by a County clerk recorder or State Registrar James R Edgar (see image)
If your copy has been issued more than 5 years ago you must request a new copy from the Montana office of vital records or the County clerk recorder’s office.

Office of Vital Statistics
MT Dept. of Public Health and Human Services
111 N Sanders, Rm. 6 Helena, MT 59604
Guidelines for School Records and Transcripts issued by the Montana State University, The University of Montana, Montana State University Billings, Carroll College, Montana Tech among other academic institutions must be notarized copies of transcripts and diplomas processed by a school official at the University school registrar or high school principal.

Please note that the notarization should include the following words:

On date
I the undersigned, do hereby certify that this is a true and original diploma or transcript
Issued by school name
Signature of school principal or registrar
Name and title
Guidelines for notarized documents such as powers of attorney, copies of passports and drivers licenses and general business documents.
In the state of Montana there is no need to obtain a Notary Certification form the County Clerk.
Documents must be correctly notarized in accordance to Montana notary rules including the elements in the notarial block.
Sample of most commonly used notarial blocks for Montana notaries:
If you need to obtain copies of court documents for a divorce decree or general judgments you may contact your local county administrator and request a copy here is a list of administrators by county.

Information provided above is based on our resources and government websites. Some information may not be up-to-date.  Please contact us for more information if required.  

Example of documents we apostille daily:
Corporate documents:
Certificates of Incorporation Trademarks/Patents Invoices​ & Free Sale Certificates
​Certificates of Good Standing Business Power of Attorney Dept. of Treasury [Form 6166]
Certificates of Origin FDA Certificates Certificate to Foreign Government CFG
Academic documents:  ​
University/College Diplomas High School Diplomas School Records
University/College Transcripts High School Transcripts Certificate of Attendance
Personal documents:
​Birth Certificates Copy of a Passport Travel Authorizations
Marriage Certificates Copy of Driver’s License State Police Records
Death Certificates Deeds and Wills FBI Background Records
Divorce Decrees and Judgments Single Status Affidavits Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA)
Naturalization Certificates Car/Automobile Title ​ Personal Power of attorney
Adoption Dossier
Embassy Legalizations:
Embassy Legalization for Personal Documents Embassy Legalization for Academic Documents Embassy Legalization for Business documents